Outlook PST Finder- Find PST Files on Remote Computers

Find PST Files on the Exchange network quickly and access them to read its various key attributes like machine name, PST File name, PST File size, etc. Try the new advanced version of the Outlook PST file finder and search PST Files. In order to find Outlook PST File that belongs to any of the Outlook profiles connected to the selected Exchange domain. Input the correct server login credentials and get the list of all configured PST Files connected to Exchange network. Our technologically developed application; PST File Finder has been structured with a range of completely capable algorithms.

The Outlook file finder is a well structured tool to look up to even for the analysis of PST Files that are unknowingly connected to a domain network. Analyzing and retrieving the entire database of any organization or Outlook Data File can become simple and user friendly with this solution.

Outlook PST Finder Tool – How Is It Optimal For You?

Take a scenario where doing an analysis of all the PST files falling under the Exchange domain is really important right away. Hence, you cannot perform manual analysis as it may ruin productivity and time related.

In such kind of circumstances, tackling such tasks and finding Outlook files on remote computers could be done easily with the assistance of the PST File Finder. It is exclusively built to offer you the process of finding all the PST files that are categorized under the Outlook accounts connected to a respective Exchange domain.

Have a look at some other capabilities owned by the PST search tool to serve you with a well suited processing:

  • Quick List of PST Files: PST file search tool will instantly show the preview of PST Files on remote network once you have assigned the accurate admin login credentials.
  • Overview Outlook Data File Attributes: It is an advance program which automatically shows the various major attributes of PST File while previewing it on the screen.
  • Save PST Files by Simply Copying it: PST File Finder Software also gives authentication to user to save the searched and selected Outlook Data File on their local machine. Just copy the required data file from the network and move it on your machine.
  • Get CSV Report: Outlook PST Finder provides a final CSV report, which contains all the essential details of scanned Outlook Data Files.
  • ANSI & UNICODE: Software is totally compatible with both ANSI & UNICODE PST File formats and lists them in its preview list after scanning.

Get Demo Version Outlook PST File Search Tool to Find PST Files on Remote Computers

Download the demo version of the PST file finder and conduct a quick Outlook Data Files search on the network connected with an Exchange environment. The free version of Outlook PST finder allows users to auto-locate, scan and view every PST File along with their properties, excepting saving PST Files and creating a CSV Report.