About Us:

We, as a micro platform of about Software, provide modern yet advanced level of recovery for Outlook Data Files. Whether,home or enterprise users, we make it a point to offer a suitable solution efficiently to all groups of individuals. Our product is built on powerful technology and successful algorithms that make PST data recovery possible without bothering the end user. More than half a million users regularly visit www.pstrecovery.net everyday and benefit themselves with the recovery of damaged PST files from both; minor as well as major level of corruption which are otherwise, unresolvable.

about Software is in the online market from several years now and has a successful stance, especially in the field of data recovery. Along with RPO and RTO provided what makes recovery tool special is its equally proficient capability of restoring hard deleted data recovery, which has further proven beneficial from the forensic point of view as well. Primarily the tool has been constructed with the motive of putting forward a dependable and user friendly solution to decline the efforts required from end users to perform recovery and restoration of partially or wholly damaged data of Outlook PST files.

With support and compatibility provided for both; ANSI as well as Unicode formatted PST files, the application excels the skill of serving users universally from the ones with PST file of Outlook 2003 to the ones having Outlook 2013. Serving the need of both home and enterprise usersmakes www.pstrecovery.net an all-rounder in serving email data recovery proficiently. Thus, providing a comprehensive solution to tackle Outlook Data File (PST) related issues without a failure experienced.

Vision and Mission

To expand and elevate Recovery solution on the basis of its performance, facilities, and algorithms. And make it more adaptable and reachable to worldwide users for commercial / noncommercial and forensic purposes. To make solution the top most and first choice of users from around the world to handle Personal Storage Table file issues related to inconsistencies, exceeding file size, compacting, and many more uncategorized and unknown PST file damage issues.

Technology Partners

Some of our technology partners come from a renowned background like; Guidance Software which is a notable name in the Digital Forensics field and Amazon Software which owns the world's largest and most successful eCommerce platform. Having a technology partnership with such gigantic names leading the technology industry is an achievement in itself.

Apart from these Technology Partners, the company is members of the SEAP, NASSCOM, and many more such large scale organizations in the respective industry it leads on.

Recently Covered Events

Besides the awards and achievements that our software developing group was honored with; there are some more notable steps that this PST Recovery Software pioneer took recently, which included the following:

  • Attended The Hackers Conference, 2014, along with a large number of well-versed delegates, hackers, technocrats, and techies.
  • Was a part of The Ground Zero Summit of 2014 in which; technology, its downsides, cyber world invasion, and the consequences were debated along with apparent solutions that can be applied to rectify them.