How to Fix Error 0x8004010F: Outlook Data File Cannot be Accessed

"Scanpst.exe" a first aid and last one remedy for 90% of Outlook errors as it preform repairing on entire MS-Outlook (Outlook PST File). Most of times, we encounter that Outlook errors (mostly numeric Outlook errors) raises due to the wrong settings of Outlook account/profile and mainly wrong basic server inputs which are usually assigned while creating an Outlook account.

Yes, and these errors can hamper the sending/receiving of Outlook emails or messages. The sending/receiving reported error code 0x8004010F is belong from the same category of sending/receiving errors in MS-Outlook. But, after analyzing this error I found an interesting thing that this error crop out due to the corrupted Outlook profile. As, I obtained the basic information regarding Outlook error 0x8004010F from the KB article of Microsoft Support But, there is no brief explanation why Outlook profile gets corrupted and Outlook shows the 0x8004010F on screen. Before going about deep examine about Outlook error 0x8004010f, I would like to show you the complete error code along with its pop-up message:

0x8004010F: Outlook data file cannot be accessed

First, read the given error message profoundly. Usually it's showing that Outlook is not able to access the PST file.

Yes, error number 0x8004010F in MS-Outlook take place due to the unacceptable settings of Address list settings in Outlook. It can be missing address list or improper address list in Outlook.

Solution of Outlook error code 0x8004010F:

Sadly, "scanpst.exe" is not useful in the Outlook error 0x8004010F. But, some time taken manual tricks can endow you the positive result for this error. To resolve the error code 0x8004010F, you have to recreate a new Outlook profile and need to set it as default. But, before implementation upon these tasks, identify the current location of Outlook PST File. In abbreviation, solution of Outlook error 0x8004010F are divided into three major steps:

  • Identify the current location of PST File
  • Creation of new Outlook Profile
  • Configure the new Outlook profile as default


Make a click on the "Control Panel" option.


Select and click on "Mail" button from the "Control Panel" section.


In the new "Mail-Setup" box, click on the "Show Profile" button which comes under the "Profile" section.


Now, you can see the list of Outlook profile which has been configured within Outlook, select an account and click on "Properties" button.


Again, a pop-up window having a name of "Mail-Setup" box will appear on the screen where you have to click on "Data Files" button.


Click on the "Mail-Setup" box will directly drop you on to "Account Settings" window. In this window, click on the "Data Files" tab and note the location and other info about the current location of Outlook PST File.


Click on "Close" button finally.


Note: You can also use the given path to reach and identify the location of Outlook PST File in Outlook (2007): File » Data File Management

Step2.) Follow the given steps and easily start creating a new Outlook profile.

Run the same first three sub-steps and reach at the "Show Profile" button & make a click on it.


Now, click on the "Add" button.


You will get a pop-up window after clicking on "Add" button which will prompt you to type the name for the new Outlook profile. Give a new name to Outlook profile and click on "Ok" button.


Now, Fill-up the basic server settings of email account like email address or password to it. Click on "Next" button and it will automatically start establishing the new Outlook profile.


After complete execution and profile configuration of new Outlook profile, click on "Finish".


Step3.) Set the newly created MS-Outlook profile as default and get rid out from the Outlook error 0x8004010F. Select the "Always use this profile" dialog box for the Outlook profile.


In case above manual method fails to work, then there is no another way to fix it, At that instant you should switch to an third party utility like Recover Outlook files. As it is capable in fixing all types of corruption issue related to Outlook without indulging any efforts.