Block or Unblock the automatic download of pictures in Outlook Mails

Microsoft Outlook by default blocks the feature of automatic picture download from the Internet, so that you remain protected from the junk e-mail sender. In this post we are going to discuss about how to block a picture that you feel are not safe to download and what are it's advantages.

Advantages of blocking automatic picture download:

  • Avoid to explore potential offensive external links of messages
  • Help to preserve nasty code from damaging data on your system
  • If you are working on a low bandwidth connection than blocking automatic download permits you to decide whether a particular image warrants the bandwidth and time that are required to download.

But you can't block downloading images for always as they are required sometimes, therefore keeping different situations in mind, we have come up with multiple solutions.

Unblock picture download for a single message

This option helps you in unblocking the download of a picture coming from a source of trust.

  • Click on InfoBar available at the top of message and after that click on Download pictures.

Note:When you click on Download picture in a message that you are viewing in reading pane, the message is automatically displayed and saved the picture again next time when open the message.

Unblock picture download for all messages

  • On to the "Tool" menu, click on "Trust Center" and after that select the "Automatic Download".
  • Now clear the check box "Don't download pictures automatically in HTML e-mail messages or RSS items"

Unblock picture downloads for all messages from a specific domain or e-mail address

Lets take a look on "How to Block messages coming from a particular e-mail address"

There are two ways to block pictures coming from an particular email address either open a sent message coming through a domain or email address and right click on it a drop down windows open in front of you select the junk email and after that Add sender to blocked sender list or double click on a email address which you want to block an message get open, now select the select the block sender option available on the menu bar.

Now to Unblock messages coming through an specific domain or mail ID.

  • In open message that was sent from that domain or email-address, right click one of blocked items.
  • On shortcut menu, click Add Domain @domain to safe sender list or Add sender to safe sender list.