How to Export Office 365 Shared Mailbox to PST Stepwise - No PowerShell

Query: Do you want to export PST from shared mailbox of Office 365? Get Your Answer Here!. In this article you will know how to export shared mailbox to PST from Office 365 online.

Nowadays, Office 365 is the first choice of almost every business user to enhance their business. It is because of the multiple advanced features offered by the same. Now, in this world, a disaster can occur anywhere and at any point in time. So, to be prepared for any kind disaster is always a smart move. Therefore, users generally export Office 365 mailbox data to PST format on the local machine as a backup.

As Office 365 is popular because of its advanced functionality so, using shared mailbox is also one of them that is used by the users. It also contains crucial data like important emails. Thus, how to export a shared mailbox from Office 365 to PST format is also one of the frequent searches over the internet. This blog will answer all such queries here with reliable approaches that can be followed very easily.

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eDiscovery Tool to Move Office 365 Shared Mailbox to PST Format

Unknown Secret: Whenever it comes to exporting any mailbox from Office 365, eDiscovery export tool is the first choice that strikes in any user mind. But there are some misconceptions about the same. It is originally designed to determine and deliver electronic data, which is useful in legal cases as evidence. After that, export the searched Office 365 content as evidence in PST format of legal purpose. Therefore, it is also referred as In-Place eDiscovery search in PST format.

Exporting Office 365 mailboxes to PST format was not the intention behind the eDiscovery tool. Therefore, when users try this method, have a query like this:

“While executing an access request on all mailboxes of Office 365, I received a result with a list of mailboxes. When I try to export all these mailboxes data using eDiscovery tool, it dropped all shared mailboxes from the list. However, when I tried to search only shared mailbox and export the result it works fine. It means whenever I copy my search results to eDiscovery tool, there are some missing mailboxes i.e., Shared mailbox. I have done all this being an administrator with all permissions still, eDiscovery tool does not work perfectly. Any idea, how I can overcome this problem?”

Export Office 365 Shared Mailbox to PST in a Professional Way

Yes, a user can move Office 365 shared mailbox to PST format using eDiscovery tool. But, it is not a guaranteed solution as discussed above. Therefore, users are looking for a foolproof solution that let them export Office 365 shared mailbox to PST format without any loss of information. In addition, it is the most preferable choice of users. The best part of this application is that it let users convert shared mailbox also from O365 to PST format in few numbers of clicks. In order to know how it actually works, see the working given below:

Before you begin

  • Microsoft Outlook must be installed on local machine to export Office 365 shared mailbox to PST format.
  • You are allowed to export shared mailbox from Office 365 admin account only.

How Office 365 Export Tool Actually Work?

In order to make you understand the working of tool in a better way, an example is discussed with real mailboxes and screenshots. You just need to have go through them and you are ready to go:

For example:

Admin Account ID:

Share Mailbox ID:

You can see the Shared Mailbox (e.g. Support) in Admin account (e.g. Pavan) as shown below:

Select Mailboxes
  • Now, you need to launch Office 365 Export tool on your machine
Office 365 Login
  • After that, Sign In to your Office 365 admin account by entering credentials
Enter Credentials

Note: Do not forget to check Is Admin checkbox.

  • The application will display the list of all mailboxes available in your admin account (Pavan). From here, you need to check only Shared Mailbox id i.e., ( Then, click on the Next button
Select User Id
  • Then, you need to choose Microsoft Outlook (PST) option as an Email Format
    • After that, in Select Categories section, choose the mailbox items like Mails, Calendars Tasks, etc., that you want to export from Office 365 shared mailbox.
    • Now, you need to click on the Browse button in order to choose desired Destination Path.
    • After all this, click on the Start button to begin the export process.
Select Options
  • A real-time export progress report is displayed on the screen with item counts. As the process completed successfully, click on the Close button.
Exported Report
  • Then, you need to go to destination location to check exported PST file.
Details in CSV
  • After that, you can open the resultant PST file in Outlook to verify.
  • Open Microsoft Outlook application and click on the File button.
Click File
  • Now, click on Open & Export >> Open Outlook Data File option.
Open Outlook Data File
  • Navigate to the resultant PST file location and click on Open button.
Click OK
  • Click on Shared Mailbox id ( folder in Outlook and you can view all emails there.
Export Result

This is one of the most reliable and foolproof ways to export Office 365 shared mailbox to PST format.

Observational Verdict

As Office 365 is very much famous among business users as it offers lots of advance feature to ease out day to day task. For example, Shared Mailbox is one such feature that is widely used by O365 users. Now, when users look for a solution to move Office 365 mailbox data, they want to export Office 365 shared mailbox to PST format. Therefore, a guaranteed solution without any limitations is covered above. A user can go through the blog above and get an answer to shared mailbox query here.