Import and Export– A Quick Way to Move Outlook's Data

MS Outlook, which is basically designed for emailing operations are nowadays performing more than it. It offers a bunch of advanced functions like tracking of emails, encryption over emails, meeting or appointment scheduling features and so on. Along with storage of entire database into a single Outlook PST file, Microsoft Outlook also gives authentication to users to move emails and relevant data items using an inbuilt feature called "Import and Export".

Now, Have you ever thought that why there is a need to move emails and where and how it can possible?

Microsoft builds what the user seeks and then simplify their technology accordingly. Enhancing features of Microsoft Outlook are paradigms of such implementation and Import and Export features in Outlook is one of them.

Basically, it just helps to transfer the current saved data of Outlook PST files to another drive and vice-versa. Import and Export option contains two sub-function within it which are:

  • Import: To import data from the external files (PST file, CSV file)
  • Export: To export data into an external drive (emails, contacts, etc.)

Note: Import and Export = Import + Export

When Outlook Import and Export option Comes in Usage?

These both functions are used due to the various reasons because they work in a different manner and provides varied results. Use of an Import function manifests when a user need to access data of an orphaned Outlook PST file. Usage of this feature is also a good way to combine data of multiple old PST files at one location. On the other hand, "Export" feature reduces the size of Outlook data file and also a superior method to minify the large size of Outlook Data File. Its count an alternative way of archiving old data from Microsoft Outlook. Sometimes, Cleaning up old messages when those are not in use assists to keep away irritating concerns with which one can face multiple annoying issues. There are multiple ways to accomplish the same task. If you really don't want to move the Outlook data items into the deletion box, then archive those data and save them. But Archiving or Auto-Archiving has also their own drawback that it creates the specific data file at the same location and also does not give privilege to export data into various file formats such as DOS, PST, MS-Access, MS-Excell, etc.

How to Import a PST File in Microsoft Outlook?

Step1: Click on "File" menu, open drop-down menu and again make a click on "Open & Export" option.

Open & Export

Step2: Click on "Import/Export" option will pop-up an Import and Export Wizard on the screen. Choose the "Import from another program or file" action to perform the importation of data file and click on "Next" button

Import from another program or file

Step3: Select the data file type:

Outlook Data File (.pst) or CSV (Comma Separated Values) and move on the next step by clicking on “Next” button.

Outlook Data File

Step4: Afterward,  pick out the Outlook PST file that you want to import in Microsoft Outlook using “Browse” button. Along with browsing, the three advance check boxes help users to deal with the duplicate Outlook data items thoroughly:

  • Replace Duplicates with Items Imported
  • Allow Duplicates to be Created
  • Do not Import Duplicates

Note: Encrtypted PST files can bring a pop-up while clicking on "Next" button after browsing the data file. In such instance, just input the right password of PST file and switch to the next step.

Step5: To improve the import PST process, there are additional attributes added in the import/export wizard. It consists including the sub folders, selecting the folder while importing the PST, filtering messages accordingly sender and receiver, or by words in subject/body, etc. Finally, click on “Finish” button after implementing all the required filters on Outlook PST files.

Select Folder to import from

How to Export Outlook Data File?

Exporting the Outlook data via creating a PST file is quite similar to Importing procedure. It is a great way to create backup if you are encountering Outlook performance issues or some minor bugs. Emails and other attributes of Outlook PST file becomes unnecessary when once they get old and backing up these data using the Export function.

Steps to export Outlook Data Items:

Step1.)Follow the same steps (1 & 2) to reach out at Import and Export Wizard.

Step2.)In the Import and Export Wizard, click on "Export to a File" and "Next" button.

export to a file

Step3.) Select the type of file (either CSV and Outlook Data File) and make a click on "Next" button.

Outlook Data File

Step4.) Again, click on "Next" after choosing the folder to export.

select folder to export

Note: Alike Import function, Export also endows filter option to apply criteria on data items while exporting the PST file.

Step5.) Allocate a specific path to save the exported PST files using "Browse" button. (Don't forget to choose any of option to deal with replicated items)

Step6.) Finally, click on "Finish" button.

browse location to save pst file