Methods to Manually Resolve Microsoft Outlook Database File Errors

Method1: Check the Internet Connection of System:  Start Internet and browse for any site. If the link gets open then it means there is no problem with internet connection and if not then look for trouble network connectivity problem in Internet Explorer.

Method2: Check Outlook Email Account Setting: Check the email account setting of Microsoft Outlook, whether it is correct or not.

Set up Outlook 2013 Email account

Automatically setup Internet Email:

  • Start Outlook
  • Click on File tab
  • In Info category, Click on Account Setting. A dropdown menu will appear, it also contains an Account Setting option. Click to proceed further.
  • On Email tab Click New
  • Fill Auto account setup details and then Click Next >> Finish to complete process

Manually Setup Internet Email:

To Configure Internet Email Account manually follow the given below steps in Add New Account dialog box.

  • Click Manual setup or additional server types check box >>next
  • Click Pop or IMAP>>next
  • Fill following detail in User Information
    • In Your Name box: Type full name
    • In Email Address box: Type full email address
  • In Server Information, Click the type of email account you have in Account type box. For POP3 and IMAP configure the given below setting:
    • In Incoming mail server box: Type name of server in lowercase letters, the name may be in IP address form like or form.
    • In Outgoing mail server box: Fill the information of Outgoing server in the same manner as filled in the incoming mail server box.
  • In Logon Information configure following setting:
    • In User name box: Type User name it's a part of email address to left of @ symbol. Some ISP needs full email address so please contact your ISP.
    • In Password box: Type password that ISP provides
    • If you want Outlook remember your password then mark Remember password box
    • If ISP requires, click to require logon by using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) check box to logon by Secure Password Authentication.
  • Click Test Account Setting
  • Click Finish and Next

Internet Server provider setting for manual configuration of Outlook

Contact Internet service provider (ISP) for incoming and outgoing email server information like: setting and server name you used to configure email account in Outlook

Incoming Mail (POP3) server settings and names:

Incoming Mail

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) server setting and names:

Outgoing Mail

Set up Outlook 2010 Email account

Automatic and Manual setup of Internet Email in Outlook 2010 is same as in Outlook 2013

Set up an Email account in Outlook 2007 and 2003

Automatically setup Internet Email:

  • Start Outlook
  • Click on File tab
  • Select Data File Management option
  • A pop up Account Setting window open
  • Now go to the Email tab and Click on New
  • Choose Email Service you are using and Click Next
  • Fill the required information of Auto Account setup and after that Next >> Finish

Manually Setup Internet Email:

  • To send and receive messages in Outlook correctly configure Internet email detail as given below:
  • Type Email Address
  • Type of Email Account you are using: POP3, IMAP or HTTP
  • User name
  • Password
  • SMTP server address and name
  • POP3 server address and name
  • Mostly 25 port number is used for SMTP
  • Port number 110 is used for POP3
  • Check Required logon using secure password authentication (SPA) box if required

Method3: Delete Apprehensive Email messages from Mailbox: An doubtful message of Outlook emails may block receiving error message. So if you have apprehensive email message then delete them by using one of the given below method:

  • Access mailbox by adopting ISP's web-based email program and delete email messages
  • Contact ISP and ask them to delete email messages.

Method4: Check Antivirus website for Suggestions: If the antivirus program you are using includes an email-scanning feature, then you have to implement additional configuration task to Outlook express or Outlook together with antivirus software. For more knowledge about using Outlook together with antivirus software follow one of the site, as appropriate for antivirus you have been installed:

  • McAfee
  • Symantec
  • Trend Micro

Method5: Configure Firewall software to Empower Outlook to Access Internet: Note- This method may make your network or system more vulnerable to viruses. So use this method at your risk.

Enable following files to access Internet by Configuring Firewall Software:

  • Msimn.exe (for Outlook Express)
  • Outlook.exe (for Outlook)

By default port 25 is for outgoing access and port 110 is for incoming access, if not sure about port then contact ISP or system administrator.

Method6:Repair (OE) Outlook Express or MS Outlook: Repairing of Microsoft OL Express and Outlook may resolve problem.

Method7:Make Sure Email Profile works correctly: To check whether email profile works correctly or not, create a new email profile. If email messages can be send through a newly created email profile then set it as a default profile.

Locate default Outlook data file:

  • Go to Control panel and Click on Mail
  • A Mail-setup dialog box opens, Click on Show profile
  • Now select current Outlook profile and Click properties
  • Click Data files in Mail-setup dialog box
  • Click close

Create new Outlook data profile:

  • Auto account setup to create an POP3 and IMAP email account
  • Open Control panel Click on Mail
  • In Mail-setup dialog box Click on Show profiles
  • Go General tab in Mail dialog box and Click on Add
  • In New profile dialog box type new profile name and Click on Ok
  • In Add New Account dialog box type email account information and Click Next
  • After configuring account successfully Click on Finish

Manually set-up POP3 and IMAP email account

  • Open Control panel Click on Mail
  • In Mail dialog box in General tab Click on Add
  • In New profile dialog box Click Ok after typing New profile name
  • In Add New Account dialog box Check Manually configure server settings or additional server types and Click Next
  • In Choose service dialog box choose Internet E-mail and Click Next
  • In Internet E-mail setting dialog box type account details
  • Test account setting by Clicking on Test Account Setting button
  • Select existing Outlook profile and Click browse
  • In Open Outlook data file dialog box, locate the dialog box and Click Ok
  • Click Next
  • In Test Account Setting dialog box Click close
  • Click Finish

Configure new Outlook profile as default.

  • If new Outlook email profile works correctly then set is as default profile and move email messages to new profile.
  • In Mail dialog box General tab Select Always use this profile
  • A drop down icon is given. "Always use this profile" Click on that and select new profile
  • Click Ok to close Mail dialog box
  • Export email messages to an Outlook data file by using Import and Export wizard from old Outlook email profile, and then import Outlook data file to new email profile.

Method8:Open Outlook in Safe mode: Start Outlook in safe mode by following steps appropriate for operating system that you installed.

Windows 2000, Windows 2003 or Windows XP

  • Click Start
  • Then Click Run
  • Type "outlook.exe /safe"
  • After that Click Ok

Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista

  • In Windows 8, slide to right edge of screen and then tap Search. Or point mouse to lower-right corner of screen and click Search, Click Start.
  • Type "outlook.exe /safe" in Search box
  • Press Enter

If notification occurs that indicates that email profile is corrupted or add-ins are installed or third-party conflicting application, then follow method 3 steps to create new email profile.

Method9: Run Scanpst.exe Utility to Repair Database .pst file of MS Outlook: PST is a personal folder file that saves all emails, contacts, calendars, notes and other data. If PST gets corrupted, then you are not able to receive or send email messages in Microsoft Outlook.

Method10: Clean up Emails Messages that Stuck in Outbox: Click Outbox and check if there is any email message that is stuck in Outlook Outbox. If so, then follow the below given steps to clear those messages:

  • Click Send/Receive tab and then Click Work Offline

Select Outbox and perform one of the following actions:

  • Move message to draft folder and then select draft from list
  • Delete Message by right Click on it and selecting delete option
  • Click Send/Receive tab and then Click Work Offline to disable it

If in case the above methods get fails to resolve Outlook problem then go for an professional third party utility like PST Recovery that helps you in fixing Outlook errors and recovering Outlook database file in a most secured manner.