Outlook Does Not Close Properly – Even After Clicking on Exit Button

If you are a Microsoft Outlook user, then you might have faced a very common issue that is "Outlook does not close properly". Generally, this error occurs due to the integration of third party plug-ins and other programs with MS Outlook. In such circumstances, a user tries to close the program but Outlook.exe does not shut down itself and start showing an error message on the screen.

You might have come acroos with the above mentioned error while using Outlook. Number of Outlook users want to know that what is the reason behind this error message and how to resolve this. This entire segment is based on the common causes behind this error and also about various fixes through which we can resolve this bug.

Firstly Know Why Outlook is Not Able to Close?

Outlook shut-down problem does not depends and grows up due to a single reason. So, it is important for an Outlook users to understand the symptoms of the error and multiple causes behind the occurrence of error.

  • Corruption within the NK2 file which usually contains the Autocomplete cache. In such cases, Outlook does not allow user to work with Autocomplete Cache.
  • Errors relevant to Outlook PST File such as “Error to run Inbox Repair Tool”, “The data file <FILENAME> was not closed properly. This file is being checked for problems.”, “Not being able to backup your PST files”, etc.
  • A user cannot move on to different mail profiles in Outlook.
  • Running status of Outlook.exe in the Task Manager.
  • Constant visibility of Outlook icon in the notification area.
  • Corruption in Navigation Pane (which can be resolved by using “outlook.exe /resetnavpane” command).
  • Pop-Up error message about add-ins after just initiating the Microsoft Outlook.

Disable Add-ins in Outlook and Fix Outlook Shutdown Issue

Working with third party plug-ins in Microsoft Outlook can lead the Outlook toward error “Outlook does not close properly”. It has been made clear from the above section that third party add-in is a major cause if Outlook.exe is not closing in a right way. Disabling such problematic plug-ins is primary solution to keep safe Outlook from errors. So, immediately disable these plug-ins if you are not able to close Outlook even after clicking on close button multiple times. You will also see the optimizing results in Outlook performance after turning off these plug-ins.

Follow the given path to disable third party-plugins in Microsoft Outlook (2007, 2010, 2013):

Outlook 2007:

Tools >>Trust Center >> Add-ins >> Go

Outlook 2010 & 2013:

File >> Options >> Add-ins >> Go

add ins outlook

Stop the Integration of Other Programs – Right Away

MS Outlook is integrated with several associated programs which are not shown as add-ins always. Such programs run as a background process in a cryptic form and can become obstacles while closing the MS Outlook. Turn off these already integrated programs manually, once you have encounter them as a problematic.

Examples of Common Integrated Progams Which Can Restricts the Closing of Microsoft Outlook:

Re-location Of Outlook PST File - If the above discussed error “Outlook .pst could not be found” is suspected to occur because of change in location of Outlook PST file, then PST file can be re-located to check if it becomes accessible.

  • Fax software (like WinFax Pro)
  • Virus scanners (Like Norton, AVG and Panda)
  • Anti-spam filters (E.g. Cloud mark)
  • Synchronization software (ActiveSync, Blackberry desktops, iTunes)
  • Windows Vista and Windows 7 sidebar Gadgets displaying Outlook information
  • Skype

Fix Outlook PST File Corruption

After knowing about plug-ins or programs which were causing the interruption in closing of Microsoft Outlook, a user can remove those integrated applications from the control panel.

Follow the given path to remove unwanted application programs from Windows:

Control Panel >> Remove/Add Programs >> Choose the program >> Right Click >> Remove

But, it is not mandatory that the above given manual methods will definitely help you to resolve the error "Outlook Does Not Close". Corruption in database of Outlook Data file is also one of the big reasons for list of Outlook errors. Scanpst.exe comes in light in such circumstance where fixing the infected part of PST file become the major task. At last, repair the Outlook Data File using Inbox Repair Tools or go for any advance PST Repair Tool.