What is an Electronic Business Card in Outlook?

Outlook electronic business cards are same as a paper counterpart that can be shared easily among the recipient in a recognizable manner. Basically, electronic business card in Microsoft Outlook is an another view of contact that carries specific information of contact. You can also include a business card in email-signature as it looks more effective.

Create Outlook Business Card

  • Open “MS Outlook” and move to “Contact” option.
  • In contact section, start creating a new contact by clicking on “New”.
  • Add the basic information of contact in the new window that has prompted to build new contact in Outlook.
  • After inputting all the required details, move the cursor on the upper menu bar and click on “Business Card” option.

Add Fields to the Electronic Business Card

After clicking on "Business Card" menu, Outlook shows another pop up screen having the name "Edit Business Card" through which a user could manage their contacts in a more efficient or congruent manner. This window comes with several choices to customize and enhance information of contact card such as design, label, fields, images, etc.

Move Field Up or Down

  • In field pane, choose the field and place them one of another in accordance of need by using down arrow & up arrow

Add Empty Space (Blank lines)

  • Give space between the two fields while creating an electronic business card in Outlook, then select the Empty Space field.

Add an Image to the Card

  • In a generic term, adding an image to the contact, signature and business card improve its visibility. Business card in Microsoft Outlook allows you to insert an image via “Change” button under the card design section. Along with fetching the image to the business card, you can also customize its ratio and set it in a desired location within the card.

Remove an Image From the Card

  • Remove the image from the business card by enforcing the “Text Only” option on the card design. This option will disappear the image from the Outlook business card.

Change the Text Color of Business Card's Field

  • Choose the field which you want to edit, click on “Text Font” button to choose the selected font color and click on “Ok” to apply it.

Change Font Size

  • Click either increase font size or decrease font size button to enlarge or minimize the size of the field’s text.

Change Field Lables

  • In field pane, click the field that has label you want to change. if in Label box nothing appears then select a different field.
  • Click Label color button to the right of box, and select shade you want.

Save Changes of the card

  • At the end, click on "Ok" to save the done changes and close edit business card dialog box.

Add Business Card in an Outlook's Email Message

  • Open Microsoft Outlook and open a new message to send.
  • Click on Business Card option which appears within the Include menu.
  • Scroll the lists and choose the required electronic business card to insert in the Outlook email.

Use Electronic Business Card as Mail Signature

By adding Electronic Business Card in an email signature, a user could customize the information of its signature in a proficient way. It empowers advance authentication of users to make his/her signature more visible and it also provides a convenient way to save the incoming business card to the email recipient.

Follow these simple steps to insert business card in an Outlook mail signature:

  • Start creating a new Outlook email.
  • In the new message window, click on “Signature” option.
  • Click on the “New” but to create a new signature and assign a name to the signature.
  • In the Edit Signature section, type the information that you want to add in Outlook signature.
  • Move the cursor to the right corner of in the edit signature option, and click on “Business Card” option.
  • Now, a pop up window will prompt all the listed electronic business cards of Outlook on the screen.
  • Choose the edited Outlook business card to have a preview from the “Business Card Preview” section.
  • Finally, click on “Ok” to enforce the changes.

How to Save a Received Outlook Business Card in Contacts?

Outlook Business Cards which send by attaching in a signature simplify the recipient's task to manage contacts because Microsoft Outlook gives an easy method to save these business card.

  • Open the received e-mail message that contains the card.
  • Make a right click on the business card and select the “Add to contact list” option.

Note: The contact list will be arranged in an alphanumeric order.