Resolving Errors: Outlook Error 0x80040600 & 0x80040119

MS Outlook, the foremost email application often explores problem while sending and receiving email or messages. Under such circumstances, many errors will be seen on computer screen. Outlook, the email client that has surfaced a proper platform for users for emailing and other tasks may pull the users in bad situations also where data recovery and accessibility from Outlook account becomes a problem that cannot resolve easily and flawlessly. A long list of errors over there due to which Outlook shows problems while working with it and getting one may be a big problem for you. Outlook Error 0x80040600 & 0x80040119 are from those very common error messages those come around while the send/receive operation is not executing properly.

Outlook Error 0x80040600 – Symptoms & Cause

Symptoms: The 0x80040600 error restricts you from sending/receiving emails in all editions for Microsoft Outlook. Consequences of this error may visible when you are adding up contact or managing some calendar entry. Under such problems, you may see vague error message 0x80040600 into your Outlook account.

Causes: Improper management of data into Outlook personal folders may be the cause of error code 0x80040600 at the user's end. In short, the account which you were using has been corrupted and not working properly.

Outlook Error 0x80040119 - Symptoms & Cause

Symptoms: Putting the PST data under inaccessibility concerns is not the individual's fault. There are many concerns due to which users get such faulty results during sending/receiving operations. And at that time an error code 0x80040119 can take place.

Causes: Oversized PST file, wrong Outlook account settings, and there are lot of causes which might be responsible to interrupt Outlook performance by prompting error code 0x80040119.

Manual Way to Sort out These Errors

When you are confronting any or both of these errors on your Outlook account, then you need to get a way to sort out these problems so that you can regain accessibility to data without losing a single bit of data Without wasting a single moment to think over it, you can move for recovery of Outlook data that is affected by errors. Check out how to implement PST file recovery manually:

  • First, you need to find out the corrupt PST file.
  • Control Panel of computer -> User Accounts
  • Not getting expected results from here, move to Control Panel again ->move to Data files ->Personal Folder ->Settings -> get the file name and path from here

Now open Inbox repair tool and add the file for recovery within it. If it takes long time, it means you are not going to get appropriate solutions for the Outlook send/receive Outlook Errors 0x80040600 & 0x80040119. Better to safeguard Outlook data from such methods of recovery because, if errors have made worst and severe effects on PST data then, such methods will not work. Even, you may can stuck in bad situations those cannot tackle by individuals properly so, getting an application that is technically designed for recovery of damaged, deleted, and password protected PST files will be a better idea to move on. Instead of losing your personal and professional email and other information stored into MS Outlook files, you should get an application that not only serves PST file recovery but also provides options to save data according to personal choices.

Suggested PST Repair Solution

Outlook Recovery software that works towards resolving all the errors confronted by Outlook users is helpful to deal with Outlook Error 0x80040600 & 0x80040119. Options to split PST and filtering not desired data are fruitful to repair and save data as per personal convenience. Losing single bit data will not be an issue when this tool is in use for PST file Recovery.