Troubleshoot Outlook Error 0x800ccc90

Outlook Error 0x800CCC90 manifests, if you have configured more than one POP3 email account in your Microsoft Outlook and trying to send or receive emails using these accounts simultaneously.

Error Message: "0X800CCC90 incoming POP3 email server has been reported an internal error"

This error message can blink on your Outlook screen while clicking on the Send/Receive button to perform transformations of emails. It states that the Outlook error code 0X800CCC90 occurs when a user crosses the limit of POP3 connections that are assigned by the Internet Service Provider(ISP).

There is a manual workaround through which an user can resolve the Outlook error 0X800CCC90 by grouping all the accounts in a new Send/Receive group using the advance Outlook's send/receive settings.

Follow the given steps to get rid of the error code 0X800CCC90 in Outlook:

1.) Click on "Tools", go to the "Send/Receive Setting" option and after it click on "Define Send/Receive Group".

Define Send Receive Groups

Note: To reach out on the "Send/Receive Groups" window screen, press CTLR+ALT+S.

2.) Now, click on "New" and start creating a new group.

Create New Group

3.) In Send/Receive Setting name box, type the name you want to define for a group and then click Ok.

allocate name to group

4.) In the left pane under Accounts column, select all the accounts that you want to include in group and then check the "Include the selected account in this group" box.

include the selected account in this group

5.) Move to a bit advance settings and check the settings to send and receive mail items and mark them as checked if you they have been not marked yet. Also, enable the "Download complete item including attachments" option to download attachments along with emails (you can even define the limit size for emails).

advance options for Outlook accounts

6.) Finally, click on "Ok" button.

click on ok

Every time repeat the above steps, whenever you include a new account for the same Outlook profile in Send/Receive group.

You can also add another Send/Receive group by just following the steps discussed above.

7.) After creating Send/Receive group click on Close button.

click on close

8.) To send and receive email of each group, click on "Tools", point to "Send/Receive" and after that click on specified Send/Receive group name to transfer emails from it.

send/receive through specific account

In case, if the above given solution does not work in resolving the Outlook Error 0x800ccc90, then don't waste your time, instaed move to professional tool Outlook PST Repair that helps you in fixing Outlook error and recovering corrupted databases of Microsoft Outlook in a secured manner.

Sometimes, easy tricks like restarting the system can also fix Outlook errors, so we advise to restart the computer once before applyinng any of the above suggested methods. You can also try to restore the operating system, remove office updates and disable antivirus or firewall, etc.