Outlook Error Not Implemented

Recently, upon checking new emails by using "Send/Receive" button I suddenly got an error "Not Implemented" on my screen. At that moment, I was neither able to send any mail nor receive a new one. Now, the first question that came in my mind is how to get rid of "Not Implemented error"!!!

There are a bunch of issues which can evoke such type of error and can be resolved by trying below given fixes defined for it.

The Possible Causes of Error:

As error occurs during sending and receiving of emails, the common suspects that are counted as issue behind this error is having virus scanner which is integrated with Microsoft Outlook or it might be due to a damaged SRS file (send receive setting file).

  • Disable virus scanner which is enabled within the Outlook.
  • Reset send/receive setting file:"SRS" file that carries all the settings that you have defined for sending/receiving of Microsoft Outlook. To reset it, rename it with ".old" extention and save it.
  • Third party plug-ins that you have been integrated in Microsoft Outlook can cause interruption in sending/receiving of emails (Not Implemented). Thus, disabling these add-ins can stop the error which is continuously blinking on your screen.

Side by Side & Broken Installations

Another cause of "Not Implemented" error is missing right version of OLMAPI32.DLL in Outlook.

This error arises when Outlook installation itself is broke, when Outlook 2013 is installed as a part of Office 365 installation and previous version of Outlook has already installed, such as Outlook 2007 or 2010 which is also known as side-by-side installation.

In that circumstances, Outlook uses "OLMAPI32.DLL file" of previous version instead of using the "OLMAPI32.DLL" file of the current version.

To recover it, runs a repair on Office Installation for the earlier version of Outlook as well as for current version.

Note: OLMAPI32.dll is a link library file created by an MS Outlook application. It carries the code and data to perform a specified task securely. It is an important file for performing proper and smooth running of Outlook application. This file provides an Outlook email messaging interface that allows users to smoothly send and receive their emails without any interruption. In case if repairing office does not work then switch to a professional solution like Recover Outlook data file.