Repair Inaccessible PST File and Fix Outlook Error 0x80040116

MS Outlook is a choice of millions users as an email client application because it endows powerful and effective features for email communication. This stores your entire data in a recorded manner in the form of PST file.

But, have you ever thought that what will happen if the file gets inaccessible and Outlook starts showing the error. Yes, such kind of errors is encountered by users where Outlook does not allow them to access PST file and pop-ups error code 0x80040116 on the screen.

Error Message: "Outlook Error 0x80040116: Outlook.PST cannot be accessed"

Reasons for Error Code 0x80040116 in Microsoft Outlook

Outlook error 0x80040116 is considered as a most common error of MS Outlook and every user has keen to know the core reason behind the occurrence of this error. This error generally occurs when the index of Outlook PST file gets damaged or corrupted somehow. If we talk about the reason, then a PST data file or its structure can be damaged due to a number of reasons like improper shutdown, sudden loss of power, large size of PST file, virus, etc.

Oversized PST file count as a primary cause of corruption and damaged structure of the Outlook Data file.

So, What are the resolutions to keep safe Outlook Data file from Outlook error 0x80040116?

Usually, this error in Outlook occurs if a user is working with an ANSI PST file which comes with 2 GB file limitation. An oversized PST file can become inaccessible due to overloaded database within it and thus cause the Outlook Error 0x80040116. Microsoft takes care about data of such file (2GB PST file) and provides a free application known as truncation tool. Using this application, a Outlook user can reduce the size of large PST file. In short, Outlook error code 0x80040116 can also be fixed by using truncation tool and by following other given below steps:

  • Method 1: Run the "2 GB Truncation" Tool.
  • Method 2: Run the “Inbox Repair Tool”.
  • Method 3: Open the Repaired File.

What Truncation Tool Does?

This tool is also known as 2 GB Truncation Tool. It directly works on the Outlook Data File which is currently not accessible by users and reduces the excess data from it. Keep in mind that Truncation Tool does not come with any filter option to reduce the specific part of Outlook Data File. It directly works on the database size and crop the overflowed data.

Run 2 GB Truncation utility

  • Download 2 GB Truncation utility from Microsoft Download center at free of cost.
  • Download Truncation Tool.
  • Extract “2gb152.exe” file and choose “Pst2gb.exe”.
  • Insert the oversized PST files by using “Browse” button and hit on “Open” button.
  • Make a click on “Create” button, assign a name and specified location for PST file and save it.
  • Now, define an amount of data which you are looking to truncate.

Run the Inbox Repair Tool

The execution of Truncation Tool just extracts spare parts of the Outlook data file, but still yet you have applied one part of the entire procedure to fix Outlook error 0x80040116. The next task is about performing the repair the Outlook PST file using the Inbox Repair Tool. Repairing will reduce the risk of corruption of the truncated PST file. Sometimes, corruption within the PST file (header part) can also make it inaccessible for Outlook users. Inbox Repair Tool is an efficient application to repair the header structure of the Outlook Data file.

Simple Steps to Run Scanpst.exe:

  • Open Scanpst.exe tool and browse the PST file from the folder that contains a new PST file that you have created using 2 GB Truncation utility.
  • Click on "Start" button and enforce scanning and repairing on the PST file.
  • Once the repair procedure will be completed, then you can access the repaired data file using Microsoft Outlook.

Open the Repaired File in Outlook

  • Start Outlook, go to "File" option and click on "Open Personal Folder (.pst)".
  • Open the folder that contains repaired & recently created PST files.
  • Click new PST file and then click on "Ok".
  • Copy and move the data from each folder in "Recovered Personal Folders" to Outlook Today.

Note: Truncation Tool and Inbox Repair Tools both has their some drawbacks which does not make them much advanced technology to fix Outlook errors whether it's about Outlook error 0x80040116 or another one. At the one end, where Truncation Tool only crop the exceeded data of Outlook Data File, Scanpst.exe just only a proficient inbuilt tool to repair header part of Outlook emails.

Outlook Recovery Tool – Alternative Approach to Resolve Outlook Error 0x80040116

In case if all above methods fails to fix Outlook error 0x80040116, then use Recover Outlook PST tool that does the recovery of PST file's items and fix all kinds of Outlook errors. The tool helps in recovering corrupt PST files which is no more accessible due to its oversize or have been lost some Outlook times permanently.