Open Corrupt PST File in Microsoft Outlook

Opening or accessing a corrupt PST Data file in MS Outlook can be a troublesome task. Outlook does not preview the database of Outlook Data file which has hampered or infected by corruption. It starts showing error while opening PST files in Microsoft Outlook and scenarios can become worse if Outlook file is damaged or highly corrupted.

These issues can occur due to Outlook errors, spoiled rules over emails and broken Outlook Data file. There is no specific cause is declared till yet which generate such error while opening PST File.

Fix PST Errors and Troubleshoot Outlook Bugs

Suppose, you start up your email client application Microsoft Outlook and suddenly encountered a suspicious dialogue box stating that errors have been detected within the respective PST data file due to which Outlook window cannot be opened:

Cannot Start Outlook

Meanwhile, even after receiving the above mentioned error, you try to access the Outlook.pst file once again but unfortunately receive another error message box. The message box suggests the usage of Outlook's built-in Inbox Repair Tool after closing Outlook in order to overcome respective error encountered within the file:

Cannot Start Outlook

NOTE: Scanpst.exe or Inbox Repair Utility are not considered as an effective tool to repair broken PST file due to their incapability of tackling severe issues of corruption. Hence, it also suggested by Outlook experts to create a backup or copy of Outlook file before applying the repair function. It can also manipulate the items of data file awkwardly.

As suggested by the above error message, start finally executing PST data file repair process via Inbox Repair Tool so you could open corrupt PST file in Outlook.

Use Free ScanPST.Exe

Insert the error infected Outlook Data File in the repair program by using "Browse" option which is constantly showing an error message on the screen and not able to get loaded.

Scan all PST Files

This program passes from 8 phases to scan a broken Outlook File completely. It also previews the numbers of errors within Outlook PST file after complete scanning, which are examined by the tool. The time consumption of scanning process is entirely depends on the size of the Outlook Data file. So, if you are performing a repair to fix PST errors of 20 GB file, it could be a time taken task.

To begin the repair, just click on Repair button and application will start the repairing process on the broken PST file. Repairing can take even more time in the comparison of scanning mechanism.

Enforcing repair on PST Data ffile is optimum method to fix PST errors instantly, which can even make PST Data file accessible or a user can able to open corrupt PST file after it. But it does not work each time.

Unluckily, this repair inbuilt program has not empowered to repair highly damaged Outlook files. This is also a reason that most of the Outlook PST errors get remains even after repairing it by scanpst.exe and Outlook shows the same error while opening PST file.

Fail - ScanPST.Exe

Fix PST File and Make it Accessible

A Third party utility like Outlook PST Repair Application can deal with corrupted, damaged and broken Outlook Data files and even proficient to recover lost Outlook emails. The application has many other omnipotent lineaments featured within its algorithm that serve users with a successfully adaptable process of recovery.