Recover Hard Deleted Items of Outlook PST Data File

Is it possible to restore deleted items of PST file from the different scenarios of deletion. Most of Outlook users just familiar with "Shift+Delete" button or a simple deletion in Microsoft Outlook. Then what about the other methods used for deletion process. Don't be confuse, there are few Outlook users who are familiar with the technical terms of deletions like "Soft Deletion" and "Hard Deletion".

Different Approaches to Perform Deletion in Microsoft Outlook:

  • Using the "Delete" Button on your keyboard.
  • Via Making right click on select "Delete" option.
  • Using of "Shift+Delete" button together.

Soft Deletion and Hard Deletion in Outlook

Soft Deletion and Hard Deletion are terms of handling the deletion process of emails in Outlook. Most of users delete their emails as they do not find the emails more useful for them or sometimes it gets deleted by mistake. But, have you ever thought that "Where these mails gone after deletion?" And is that possible to recover the hard deleted items of PST File in the case of "Shift+Delete"?

  • Soft Deletion: Soft Deletion term refers to the simple deletion procedure in which user either deletes the email using "Delete" button or delete email from the click on "Delete" option (via using right click). In such cases, a user can restore deleted items smartly because MS-Outlook has a special feature to recover Soft Deleted Items.
    Now, the question is “HOW?”
    Soft Deleted items directly go to the Deleted Items Folder after deletion. A user can move their emails via simply dragging the required emails from this folder.
  • Hard Deletion: Is always a big problem for email client users who lost their Outlook emails due to the press of "Shift+Delete" button. Shift+Delete term co-relates to the term Hard Deletion and recovery of hard deleted emails in Microsoft Outlook after performing hard deletion is impossible. Outlook does not come with any function which could help user to recover permanently missing emails from Microsoft Outlook.
    Hard Deletion = Shift+Delete
  • It's not just confined to the Shift+Delete, some user even deletes their data from the "Deleted Item Folder" in Microsoft Outlook. Deleting an email from the Deleted Items Folder is quite similar to the "Shift+Delete". A user can not restore deleted items, if he/she has deleted it once from Delete Item Folder.

How to Recover Hard Deleted Items in Outlook?

It's easy to restore deleted items in case of soft deletion, but when a user is dealing with the problem of Hard Deletion, then there is no any possibility to recover hard deleted Outlook emails using any manual method.

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